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    Default Help needed! Advice/thoughts appreciated.

    Ok, I just resigned from my job. Similar to a post from the page, I was not happy in my current role and decided that it was time to call it quits and finally take the adventure I always dreamed of.

    So I have some plans that I wanted to run by you guys and see what you had to say.

    Just bought a used Audi for the trip. Two years road side and AAA just in case. I will be starting in NY and going west.

    Here is the basic agenda:
    Drive hard to New Mexico, stay for a few days and head for Arizona again for a few days. I would then follow the GC to Utah and stay for a few more days. After I get my fill there, I plan to stay with a friend in Colorado for a few days. Leave Colorado and head back through Utah, cross Nevada and go to Cali. Hang aroud for a few days and head to San Fran to pick up a friend. We will drive up route 1 to Washigton and then over to Montana. He will take a bus home and I will head to Wymong and then South Dakota. After that, I will pretty much B-line it back to Jersey.

    The plan is very flexible. I will essentially be going from National Park to Nataional Park. I plan on camping as much as possible (will I need reservations?). I will stay in areas I like and leave areas that I do not. I am going with about $5,000 figuring that I will spend about $500 per week for a total of 10 weeks.

    I am down with meeting up with people so if anyone is interesed, let me know. I will be leaving at the begining of the first week in May. I have done a good amount of car camping but nothing like this.

    Is there a list that I can refer to for things that I will need. So far I have as follows:

    Sleeping bag
    Emergency Kit
    Utility Knife
    Ax - for chopping wood
    hiking paraphenalia (spelling)
    Rain gear

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Hitting the road


    Check out the links I put together for "Car Camping" -- they are chosen with care and provide some of the information you are seeking. (

    Also look at the "Exploring SW Desert" link on the page.

    Also follow the three links identified as "New" on this page:

    When you are in the four corners area -- don't miss the Indian Tribal Park in Monument Valley.

    Getting "your fill" in Utah could easily take months -- there are so many national parks with so much fun hiking/climbing/biking possibilities... As far as reservations go -- on the busiest weekends it can be important -- but since you are flexible it shouldn't be that much of problem.

    Budget seems doable.

    Go have an adventure (& let us know what you find!)

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