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    Default Which is the best route to take?

    I am planning a road trip for next year with a few friends, and we live in chicago. What would be the best route to take, considering we want to get to Las Vegas in about two days. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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    Default Stopping only for fuel?


    If you stop only for fuel and drive the most direct route it will still require 28 continous hours of driving. If two days is really your available time frame, than I suggest picking up I-80 and bombing over to Salt Lake City and then going South on I-15. No real time for sightseeing at that pace.

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    Joshua Guest


    Thanks for the advice. Yeah, we wanted to get to California in about two days (we are up for driving one day continuously). And then once we get there we could drive to various locations...i.e. the grand canyon.... Thanks for the advice.

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