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    Edwards Guest

    Default WHERE TO GO?

    I am about to graduate from college and my boyfriend and I want to take a road trip where we can see and do many things. We would like to go camping and fishing; maybe to the mountains and back to the beach. Could you please suggest some ideas where we can go and map out and start making a plan. We only can do this for a week, so we can't go everywhere. thanks for you help!!

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    Sugna Sugnab Guest


    Sure...from your starting point, take the road that leads from your house to your neighboring town or city. Then take the road that leads to a neighboring state. Repeat the second step a few times until you see mountains. Drive, hike, camp and fish all that you'd like. Then get back into your car and drive until you reach a sandy area with lots of water. Then retrace your steps and you should be back home in a week.

    Hope this was helpful, or at least helpsome, or at the very least helplittle.

    Happy April Fool's day, all. And safe driving!

    Sugna Sugnab

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