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    Default Can anyone share experiences with best route from seattle to mia

    We are probably going to be driving from Seattle to Miami soon and want to know what the best way to go is:

    - Shortest Route
    - Safe
    - Plenty of choices for nightly hotels (since we dont
    exactly know where we will be at what time.)
    - Scenic

    We have a SUV, so we can take most terrain, but generally
    the easiest route would be preferred.

    IF any of you have experiences to share, or maybe links to
    sites that provide this type of information, please let me
    know. ( I have already visited the MApquest type sites,
    wanted to know if there were sites more focused on personal


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    Default How long do you have?


    Shortest route: The most direct route would cover 3400 miles and require about 50 hours of driving. For list of highways, use the NAVtech database (we find it far superior to that used by Mapquest). For access, use the "Directions" tab on

    Safe, plenty of motels and scenic would also be found on the route above. With rare exception there is no road in the USA that I would characterize as not safe...

    Scenic -- raises all sorts of possibilities -- if you have an extended period -- say about 2 years -- there are hundreds of places I would suggest you visit on the way. I doubt you were planning a two-year road trip -- so how long were you planning for this epic roadtrip.

    Sites. There are plenty of suggestions for other road trip sites on this site -- but I urge you to read the postings on this forum -- some of the very best roadtrip tips are contained herein!


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    My main concern would be some late winter weather in the mountains (even if you have an SUV.)

    Streets and Trips gives a 3340 mile route as follows:

    From Miami on Florida Turnpike to I-75 northwest of Orlando

    Proceeding on I-75 north to Chattanooga, Tennessee

    Proceeding NW on I-24 until merge with I-57 in Illinois

    Proceeding north on I-57 until merge with I-64 upstate

    Proceeding west on I-64 until St. Louis

    Proceeding west on I-70 until Kansas City

    Proceeding north on I-29 until Route 2 (Nebraska City)

    Proceeding west on Route 2 to I-80 in Lincoln

    Proceeding northwest on I-80 until I-84 merge in Utah

    Proceeding NW on I-84 until it crosses I-82 in Oregon

    Proceeding N on I-82 until merge with I-90

    Stay on I-90 until it empties right into downtown Seattle :)

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