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    TheDude Guest

    Default Need a vehicle for 8! for a roudtrip through the states

    hey guys,

    wassup? hey I'm originally from germany and I have some friends come over during summer break...we wanna do a roadtrip through the states, we're about 8 people and the question is, how we're gonna get a vehicle...we were thinkin of buying a truck, but then we have to sell it too. so the next thing would be renting a van or truck or mobilhome but we're not over 25 so forget about it. what do you guys think we should do?
    hope you can help me out.

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    Brandon Guest


    Sup Man. You could try lookin for a person or guide. Try to find someone who is over 25 and interested in the trip. There would be a couple of advantages. 1) You would have the renter. 2) If he or she was from the states they could help you find the intersting things to do and see. 3) they might be more vursed in the ways of America.

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    TheDude Guest

    Default right...but

    I mean I know what I want to see...I have the route pretty much planned already. it's just the vehicle we need.
    It's kinda hard to find somebody for a trip...because I don't know anybody who would do it.

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