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    tosh Guest

    Default need help looking for a car

    heading over in may of next year and i need to get a car for about 2-3months. is there anywhere that would let you hire a car for that amount of time. doing a 0ne-way trip from new york to san francisco and then onto San Diego. Would it be cheaper to find a rental or to buy a second hand car

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    Default cheaper

    It would be cheaper to buy a used vehicle, but you risk breakdown. I assume you are coming from Europe. Keep in mind that auto insurance is also required here which can be expensive. But gas is less expensive than in Europe. Renting a car may insure reliability and it is possible to rent for three months and drive one way but rental companies tend to charge more for one-ways. I suggest you contact some agencies and also check on the internet for newspapers in your port city for going prices on used cars. The average for gas as of the end of April is about $1.50 per gallon. I believe there are 4 liters to a gallon so you can get an idea of how much fuel will cost. Depending on the vehicle, an average car holds at least 15 gallons. If you are male, under the age of 25, your insurance will be high, but probably equal to what you pay in your country. You can contact via the internet some of our great american insurance agencies such as GEICO to get a rate. I wish you a safe and successful journey.

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    tosh Guest

    Default Rental of car

    Cheers thanks for that information. I have been in contact with a car rental company and they said It's usually more economical to rent a car for short periods. Would that work out cheaper than buying a car? Really need help with getting hold of a car; if I have a car the rest of the trip would be easy. Any information is greatly needed


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    Jimmy D Guest

    Default cars

    try - If i remember correctly they're a company called Adventure Wheels or Adventure on Wheels (one of the two) I got a quote to lease a car for 5 months (Nov 2003 - Apr 2004) driving from San Francisco to NYC and they quoted me a shade over $3000 and that includes insurance, tax and liability. I am 24 so was worried about the cost of renting/leasing a car - but having done plenty of research , have found these guys the best.

    Give them a try if you're still looking!

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