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    Aside from the big cities like New York, Boston, Philadelphia, where should I stay between South Carolina and Maine? I wanted to concentrate on smaller towns with lots of character. Although I don't want to be completley deserted and would like there to be some nightlife available. By the way the trip would be In early June 2003. Any advice would be helpful.

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    imported_lisa Guest


    You may want to consider Wilmington NC. I lived there for about four years. It is a decent sized town without being too populated. The waterfront on the river is nice with a lot to see and do.

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    imported_Amy Guest

    Default NC

    Right before Wilmington is a small place called Topsail Island. There is not a lot of night life, but it is a nice island to visit for a day. I've met a lot of cool people there and a few little stores to shop in.

    Also, I am very big on Charlotte. There's a lot to do and the people are cool. There's a great place called Dish to eat that I would recommend if you are looking for something young, fun and with good food.

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    imported_Amy Guest

    Default NC

    Right before Wilmington, about a 1/2 hour north, is a small place called Topsail Island. There is not a lot of night life, but it's a nice beach place to relax at during the day. I've met a lot of cool people there.

    Also, I really like Charlotte. The people are great and there are a lot of things to do. It's a young city with nightlife. I recommend a place called Dish for dinner. It's a young place with great food.

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    Roanoke, VA has a nice, small-town feel and is located right off one of my most often-recommended roads...The Blue Ridge Parkway.

    I would definitely check out Shenandoah National Park in June. Truly beautiful place, especially this time of year. Stay in Roanoke, VA for a night, and then head up the Blue Ridge straight into the park.

    Good luck and safe driving.


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    CC Guest

    Default East Coast roadtrip w/o major cities

    I have a few suggestions for you from Rhode Island to Maine.
    In Rhode Island:
    Newport & the surrounding islands (they have bridges, and are just gorgeous).
    Block Island is also nice!
    In Massachusetts:
    Newburyport & Plum Island...basically Route 1A will follow you right up the east coast, which is always a nice scenic drive.
    In New Hampshire:
    Portsmouth (Route 1A also) & Governors Island are beautiful.
    In Maine:
    Bar Harbor & Bath...even Portland and Bangor are nice as well.
    Good luck! Have fun!!

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    Albus Guest

    Default Make It New England

    I agree with the last post. I'm from New england and if you want character then New England is it. Many places in Mass. outside Boston thats rich in history and character, not too populated yet not too isolated. Haven't met anyone who hasn't enjoyed a vac. to New England. And you'll find that the people will be delighted to help you because most of us take such pride in showing off our cities and towns. Good luck.

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