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    imported_Steve Guest

    Default down south or west coast?

    Hey my brother and I along with some friends are trying to decide on a road trip this summer, we all agreed it should only be about 10 days, but we don't know were to go. We were looking hard into SE Texas, New Orleans, or San Diego. We're from Colorado and we're just looking for a place that is close (with in about 1,500 mile range), FUN!!, and is really cool in general! Which is the best trip? Or are there other suggestions? Two of us are leaning towards Texas and if that happens, where should we go? Where are people our age? Most important to me is what's the most popular beach and is there surfing down there? Keep in mind that we're all college dudes and we want to party too! thanks!

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    Sue Mayer Guest


    If you're into surfing and partying, Newport beach, Huntington Beach and Balboa Island is party central in the summer months. (Newport is home of Denis Rodman)Also central to everything else LA and Orange County has to offer. You can party at the beach one night and Hollywood the next.
    Hope you guys have a great time!

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    imported_Steve Guest

    Default Thanks!

    Thanks for the input, how long will it take us to get to Cali from Denver? and is there camping or cheap motels? thanks again!

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    DP Guest

    Default Go to Mexico

    I'm in Denver as well, and I'd gone on different road trips from here. Ten days---plenty of time to head south into Mexico even. You'll hit El Paso, TX and then Juarez. It's fun and exciting, and invigorating. However, the California trip's good too. It'd take you two days to get there...very pretty scenery and the drive along the Calif. coast is breathtaking, so that's worth it as well. San Diego's great, and with ten days, you could hit a lot more than just that one city. Texas and New Orleans are good, but if this is your one big road trip, I say head to California.

  5. Default Go to Canada

    Ahh, college summer, oh man, to be able to go back to those days (not that they were TOO long ago)

    If I were y'all, I'd head up into Alberta. I'd check out Banff and Jesper National Parks up there, and then head southwest to Calgary for the Stampede. I have heard some pretty amazing things about the Calgary Stampede (things that put it on par with a Mardi Gras type experience) You should at least check it out. I'm not sure of the dates, but I believe it occurs sometime in mid-to-late July.

    That will give you a truly great mix of mind-blowing scenery, and morality-testing parties!

    Good luck and safe driving, wherever the roads take you.


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    Lauren Guest


    Well, it is a no brainer....SAN DIEGO. San Diego has good surfing and is only about 2 hours (at the very) most from all the great spots in LA, and only about an hour to some great spots in Mexico. San Diego is a great party town, and is home to several colleges and there is something to do every night of the week. From San Diego you could drive into mexico for about 45 minutes and run into Puerto Nuevo and eat the best and cheapest Lobster ever, surf up the coast, drink in Rosarito...a guaranteed good time. And, if your travelling with four guys, I promise the girls in SD will not dissapoint you. Good luck, and if you choose this route and want some more specific advice let me know!

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    imported_Steve Guest

    Default Thanks y'all

    So I think LA it is, we've pretty much decided to go from Denver to Las Vegas, and then to LA. From LA should we go north or south? Is it worth trying to go to San Fransisco or does it take to long? Does anyone know where the best surfing is? And be honest, will I be attacked by a shark? Thats my biggest fear in life! You guys have been great to me! And feel free to e-mail me at

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    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Default Mavericks Point

    Some of the largest wave sets ever recorded on the planet form at Mavericks Point near Half Moon Bay, (but don't think of ever going there if you aren't an expert). There are some amazing photos of the wave sets there -- enter "mavericks" into a search engine.

    If you have time for San Francisco -- of course go there!

    As far as being shark bait -- I dunno do you taste like seal? Considering some of the bad breaks along the west coast, being attacked by a shark should be the least of your worries.

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    SPC Mortimer Guest

    Default Where to go

    Check it out guys head to Austin Texas, so many colleges that have parties there, mostly women, go to a place called 6th street, thats where most of us army guys got to, but there is like 100 women for every 10 guys, not to many people know about it

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    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Default 10 to 1?

    Seems like too good to be true?

    The only places I have ever seen with those ratios are Author/Book events and plays like the "Vagina Monologues"

    A bar with those ratios? Nah....

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