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    Default need american for our roadtrip.

    Basically we are 4 males 2 females aged 22-25 and are planning a roadtrip in summer 2004, starting in chicago and then doing route 66 and a few more cities along the way.
    I must warn you we are a bit wild and like socialising so its not one for the faint hearted. No drugs or anything like that involved but probably alot of drink.
    We are all from Ireland and would like an American to join us. Male/female we dont mind, preferably female to balance out numbers. It would be nice to have a local with us.
    If you are interested email me and we can get talking.

    Forgot to add, even a group would be cool (preferably 5 girls, well you can hope cant you), we could pool our resources and get a luxury vehicle.

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    imported_Mike Guest


    Sounds like a pretty cool idea. You should consider renting an RV. How long will you be on the road for?

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    Route 66 is one of best highways to check out kitschy Americana and travel not only down the road but back in time. Although most of the original road has been replaced by boring interstate there are still some great sights. I was born in Pomona, California, a route 66 town, and have explored the California and Arizona portions of the road but have never done the whole road and would be interested to check it out. I've been meaning to for years.

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    Default Have you been to Goffs?


    We recently did a story about Goffs which is an old railroad town on the oldest version of Rt. 66. You might find it of interest:

    Didn't you enjoy the route through the old Sitgreaves pass in Arizona?

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