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    Dorothy Guest

    Default Moving from East Coast to West Coast!!!

    I'm graduating from college, packing up a rental truck, and moving to San Francisco with one of my best friends. This is the first time I'll be driving cross country and I'm desperate for advice!! Looking for info about best routes to take, how much money we should budget for food, tolls, hotels, etc etc. We're hoping to do this trip in about 4 days and we're travelling in May. If anyone has any information that could help us plan our trip, please email me! Thanks so much!!

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    Default Rental trucks go 55 mph


    Congrats on graduating from college! Are you aware the most rental trucks have govenors on the engines so that fastest you are likely to go is 55 mph? If you drive the most direct route and average 8-10 hours per day, traveling at 55 mph with the possibility of spring storms, you will be lucky to make it coast to coast in 4 days.

    This will not be a moseying scenic drive. Put the hammer down and go!

  3. Default Cross Country- One Week

    I always advise people traveling across the country one way to leave one full week open for the trip.

    Even if you plan to do the driving in four days, leave an entire week open. There's a saying that goes, "We plan, and the spirit world laughs..." It applies very well to roadtrips.

    If you were to plan to drive five or six days, your trip would be more feasible and much more enjoyable.

    Good luck and safe driving.


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    Kristi Guest

    Default Post-College East to West

    I will be graduating from college in the Summer of '04 and plan on doing something very similar to you, except probably on my own. Have you found any useful books or websites on this? What kind of route would you be taking? I plan on going between Boston and the Santa Barbara area. Any advice on how to get started would really be appeciated, thank you!

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