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    Colette Guest

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    Me and a friend are panning a 1-2 month trip for September NY - Texas - Vegas. We want to know if there are many roadside privately run B&Bs instead of the chain motels / are youth hostels a good way to get a cheap bed and whats a sensible weekly budget for accomodation [with a little bit camping]?



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    Default You may want to re-consider...

    ...I don't think we're letting English folk into the U.S. these days.

    All kidding aside, you'll find B&B's scattered throughout the entire country, but I don't see how that would be MORE affordable than a motel stay. Most chain motels offer some sort of 'continental breakfast' these days anyway.

    If you were to camp three nights a week and stay in a reasonable chain motel four nights a week, you're probably looking at about $250-$275 per week.

    Good luck and safe driving.


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    Christina Guest


    B&Bs are going to be expensive, at least $100 a night if not $200 or more. Hostels are certainly a cheaper route, as is camping. I was just recently reading the book Hostels U.S.A. by Paul Karr, which was very good. For camping you might want to try or Good luck!

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    I just wanted to direct you to a recent posting, "Places to Stay", if you're looking for advice as far as which chain motels are good values and which are not.

    Best wishes for your trip.


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    Default B&B in the USA

    Collette -

    You have to understand that in the US are not the simple rented rented rooms in private homes which you are familiar wit hin Europe. In the US, B&Bs are more like up-scale small inns in meticulously restored historic homes or country mansions, complete with antique furnishings, elegant or period decor, gourmet breakfasts, etc... and prices to match. Not the kind of accommodation you're going to find along the Interstate, or whatis sutable for budget travellers.

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