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    imported_Jason Guest

    Default Document Road Trip

    Hello, I am a film student planning on documenting a road trip from Florida to California when i graduate. Any suggestions on what routes I should take and any interesting stops I should make, haunted places, UFOS, Just weird or cool, Any help would be appreciated, Thanks - Jason

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    BoredatWork Guest

    Default Area 51

    I did a road trip to area 51, not much to see or film, you're pretty much out in the middle of nowhere. But the small town (I dunno if 2 buildings can really be called a town) was interesting, especially staying at the Lil Ale Inn.

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    imported_Brad Guest

    Default Hope to connectwith you Jason.

    Hi Jason.
    My name is Brad and I am planning on making a documentary series from a 50 state roadtrip I am constructing right now. I would really like to connect with you and learn about your film experience. Hope to hear from you.

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