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    Tiny Guest

    Default BBQ

    Ok guys I leave on my cross country adventure end of next week. I was wondering if any of you guys could make a reccomendation as to where to go for the best BBQ. Dinosaur BBQ in syracuse is my favorite as of right now.. but i know there is better out there. Any good places within 20 minutes of I-70

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    Steve Ward Guest

    Default I-70 BBQ

    The best bbq in Kansas City (maybe on the planet, though I haven't had it from enough places to know) can be found at Arthur Bryant's. I would estimate it to be about a mile off I-70 in Kansas City. I don't know the specific street names or anything, but if you want more info, just email me and I can get it pretty easily, since I have to drive the route for work every day.

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    P.Pavlik Guest

    Default bbq on Rt. 70

    Best ever BBQ was in Georgetown CO just west of Denver in a saloon on main street. I can't recall the name, but it was an historic building and had been in a few movies.

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