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    In May, I am planning to head to Miami, and start a road trip accross to San Fransisco. I am a total novice and not from the USA either.

    Is it feasible to travel all that way in about 4 weeks? Will I be driving/ busing non-stop, or will I have enough time to stop in New Orleans, Vegas and see the parks along the way.


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    Don Woodmancy Guest

    Default Miami-San Francisco

    Driving steadily, 8-10 hours per day, you can easily make the trip in 6-7 days. With four weeks, that should give you plenty of time to see the sights. I suggest you review the postings on this forum for ideas of places to visit or to drive through then re-post if you have specific questions. Have a great trip!

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    In addition to looking through the postings on this site, I would also check out, which lists various recreational areas in all 50 states. The information is categorized by type of park (i.e. National Park, National Monument, State Park, etc.); by activity (hiking, scenic drives, etc.); and best of all, by state!

    You can get tons of information by clicking on the link for each state you are going to pass through and searching within their databases.

    Another good reference that can be found and skimmed through at any bookstore is the series of guides put out by National Geographic. There are separate guides for U.S National Parks, State Parks, and other destinations. They contain detailed descriptions and plenty of pictures.

    Lastly, let me offer these suggestions just to get you started. With all the time you have, I personally wouldn't miss the parks in Southern Utah, Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks in northwest Wyoming, and a slow drive up Highway One from southern California into the Bay Area. You will have the time to do some north to south criss-crossing, and there may be no better way to see the differing geography of each region.


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