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    Francis Delfino Guest


    Hi. My wife and I are planning to drive across the US from NY to San Francisco around mid-May. The thing is, we've never done anything like this and we would appreciate it if anyone of you could shed some light on the matter. We have about 2 weeks planned for this and we want to stop for the usual weird landmarks (biggest spoon, etc...) but not linger too much because we're not really sure if we have enough time. We will probably take 50 and then hit 66 at St Louis, but everything is still up in the air...Any sort of advice would be greatly appreciated!!

    By the way this is a one way trip, we will drop the car off in California and fly back...

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    two weeks one-way is okay but certainly not alot of time to make many stops.

    If you are into the "weird, unusual facts" stops - you can find many of these on this site --- such as the largest ball of twine in Kansas.

    Try to drive through as many national parks as you can enroute. These will give you beautiful scenery and show off the varying beauty of the country.

    --- to locate them all & plan which ones are on your route.

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    imported_Brad Guest

    Default Good for you

    Use as many, if not all, 2 lane highways as you can for the journey. Upon those roads is where you will meet America. Be good to the people you meet, tip the truckstop waitress an extra 5%, pick up the hitchhiker in the rain, be good to people...and maybe even go without a plan...the road will provide every little last thing and adventure you heart and sould needs, and God will make sure you are safe. Kick back and enjoy the ride!

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    Tony Grant Guest



    Further to other answers definitely try to visit as many National Parks as possible. Get yourself a Golden Eagle pass at the earliest opportunity, at your first NP. It will pay for itself in no time.
    The Grand Canyon is a must!

    An Englishman who loves the USA

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    Default St. Louis (Wine district)

    If you head through St. Louis you may want to make a stop in the first recognized wine district in the US. Augusta, MO is a neat little town with rolling hills. The scenery and wine is plentiful. I discovered this place on a road trip I just got back from. If you can't wait until California to enjoy some spirits try Augusta out.

    I would suggest checking out the lakes of the Ozarks as well. When you get to Kansas (if you go that route) be creative.

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    lilbluedolphin Guest


    What is an NP? I'm planning a trip in 2004 and I need as many pointers as possible.

    Thank you

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    imported_Laura Guest

    Default first road trip across US, need advice...

    Hey all you fellow free spirts out there!
    This Septmeber will be my frist road trip across the US. I'll be ending up in Portland Oregon, to meet up with a friend. I have 2 weeks in between to take in the sights...does anyone has any 'must sees' for me? I'll be leaving from RI, and I'm trying to broaden my horizons away from the East coast.If anyone has any ideas or suggestions please feel free to enlighten me.
    Thanks a billion:)

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