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    Teemu Guest

    Default Travelling in california


    I'm an 26 year old guy from Finland and i'm about to take an roadtrip with my friend in california, but it seems that I cannot contact anyone from Finland that had done this kind of roadtrip, so I don't no where to start asking. Actually I need allkind of information about tarvelling in california, web links, travellers email where I can ask questions maybe some one like help us, it's quite hard to find information from here Finland. At this point we have thinking that the start point will be at San Francisco and the trip's endpoint would be at San Diego, but that it just an thought. So PLEASE help us to find a few contact points that we can start asking lot's of questions =)

    Best Regards: Teemu Valtanen, Turku Finland

  2. Default moi

    Have you searched through this forum's archives yet? I bet you could piece together all sorts of information for your trip.

    When do you plan on leaving? Will you have a computer with you?


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    Don Woodmancy Guest

    Default Travelling in California

    I don't even know where to start. California is huge and diverse, With the exception of Arctic, every kind of climatic and geographic condition can be found here. It's a bit like asking "What is there to see in Europe?". Depending on your interests, time, and budget, choices are almost unlimited. Since this is a Road Trip forum, I'll try to give you a few ideas for that. My favorite drive in the state is Calif Hwy 1 from just south of San Francisco to Morro Bay. It's a hugely scenic route that twists and turns along the Pacific Ocean. Try to make a stop in the Big Sur area at the north end of this route. My second favorite is Calif Hwy 49 through the Sierra's (mountain range) and foothills that encompasses the primary area of the 1849-50 gold rush. This one is very scenic and has a lot of history, also. I also like Calif Hwy 29 through the Napa Valley (north of Sacramento, US Hwy 101 from Ukiah north to the Calif/Oregon border, US Hwy 50 from Sacramento to Lake Tahoe, and Calif Hwy 78 from Escondido to the mountain town of Julian, which I call the Apple Chain Trail (because Julian is famed for its apples, apple pie, and apple festivals). Any or all of these routes should be interesting and rewarding. Have a great trip,

  4. Default moi (again)

    You could spend an entire week exploring the coast, and the other week for California's amazing interior. Mountain ranges galore, tremendous landscape changes, and you should have decent weather (especially in areas of low elevation.)

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