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    I'm thinking about following the Great River Road for Spring Break. The plan would be to fly to Minneapolis and drive 4 or 5 days, ending in Memphis or maybe New Orleans. The problem is that the more I look, the more interesting everything becomes! What would be a good pace for this trip? Any suggestions or comments would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

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    Default river road trip

    I live on river road in baton rouge, la.(about an hour north or new orleans). I have freinds who live in minnasota and we both have travelled riverroad several times.In my opinion the pace depends on the person , the length you can be out of the road and the things you want to see. I went on a 7 day trip this summer stopping at all the major blues places along the way. you should look up cities along your route adn contact their chamber of commerce and get info on festivals and musuems

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