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    Default Connecticut to Pheonix end of Jan - Best Route?

    I will be leaving with a friend of mine at the end of the Month to move out to Pheonix (actually tempe, but its right there) Arizona. I got a triptix from AAA and the route sends me through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, then down on I-70 to meet I-40 in Oklahoma City. I thought about going down through Virginia (I have a friend that I could probalby spend a night with there) to pick up I-40 in Tennessee and take that the whole way out. My thinking was that there would be less to worry about with winter storms farther south. However, from what I have been reading on this message board it doesnt sound like people have too many positive things to say about I-40 in the winter. Any advice/past experiences with different routes out west are appreciated. Also, can anyone recommend places to stop, see and stay at on the trip out? Thanks in advance.

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    You have a better chance of avoiding winter storms UP NORTH this time of year. Snow events are most likely to occur when the temperature is between 26 and 32F. In January, it's usually too cold along most of I-90 for it to snow very much.

    The weather is unpredictable wherever you go. Don't worry so much about the route you take, as long as you stay on the highway and remain mindful to changing weather patterns.

    Good luck and safe driving.


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