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    Diane Guest

    Default Year long trek

    Looking for mature?(age, not necessarily attitude) person(s)with motor(not mobile) home or rv who would like company on a year-long (longer if possible or practical) trek across US (including Alaska) to share costs and chores. Need someone with good sense of humor, abilty to roll with loose agenda (tentative plan-all National Parks, major natural attractions in each state) and who enjoys life. I am 50 year old widowed female science teacher and I have one other female traveller joining me. We are planning to leave in April or May in SUV, but thought hooking up with someone with RV would be good alternative. We do not have lots of money, so we were planning to work along the way.

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    Default Mobile homes aren't

    Just an aside -- mobile homes aren't mobile. Motorhomes and RV's have wheels & tires and are designed to travel on the highway, but mobile homes are designed to travel to one location and never move again.

    Be sure and check out the resources on this page: I think you might find "Loners on Wheels" helpful to you.


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    Diane Guest

    Default mobile home

    I stand corrected! Sorry - am currently living in Tampa Bay area (slews of Mobile Homes)and I automatically typed that!

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    imported_Brad Guest

    Default would love to connectwith you

    My name is Brad and I am planning a 50 state trip myself right now. I would love to have a converstaion with you about your adventure and share ideas, suggestions, and the like. Hope to hear from you.

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