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    Default Route 66??

    Having never traveled Route 66, would it be possible to drive the route in summer in a convertible? I'm sure that in NM and AZ the heat can be oppressive but I've heard that it's a dry, "comfortable" heat. Thanks in advance

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    Default Motorcycles do it

    Depending upon when you go -- it will be hotter. But, yes doing Rte. 66 is no problem in a convertible. The biggest challenge will be finding the various sections. It is not continous any more (for last 30+ years) but there are some excellent guides to assist.

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    Jenn Guest

    Default hottie

    I did part of rt 66 years ago in a Miata with no A/C. It didn't seem quite as humid as other parts of the SW but it was pretty dang hot (it was July). People look at you like you're crazy but you're on rt 66 in a convertible and they're not! Parts of the road are really rough so couple that with the wind and it kinda wears you down. Stop often for drinks at the funky diners and gas stations!

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    msbelle Guest

    Default Route 66

    I am planning on doing a Route 66 trip in April. Do people have any suggestions for inexpensive one-way car rentals? I'd love to take the trip in a vintage car, but realize that a vintage one-way rental would probably be out of the question.

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    Ramiro PM Guest

    Default Unforgetable HOT!

    I had traveled trhu CA, AZ,and NM, all along the border, and it is really boiling hot!, but not humid, you should wear lots of sunblock, cause i burned my left arm once there, traveling from San Diego CA to El Paso TX.

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    Deb Guest

    Default Hot? Dry? in AZ?

    The myth of the *but it's a dry heat* in Arizona is just that. I've lived in the Phoenix metro area for 5 years, and it's anything but comfortable because it's "dry"!!
    There's an over-abundance of man-made water holes, aka golf courses, housing developments with "shore-front" homes on man-made lakes of various sizes, as well as the infamous Tempe Town Lake. During the late summer, there's monsoon season---torrential rains, winds, micro-bursts. Don't count on going across southern AZ in the summer, and being comfortable without A/C, or a top on your car.

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    Default Humidity is relative


    I agree that Phoenix is remarkably humid in the summer months. It always surprises me, but the 65% humiditiy is a far cry from 95% found in the South and mid-America states in the summer. However, once one is away from the Phoenix Metroplex the humidity drops to a more reasonable range. Dry heat is best experienced in Death Valley or the Mojave Desert!

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    Hu Guest

    Default car Hire

    Did you get any replies regarding cheap car hire. We are travelling Route 66 in May and so far have only found Budget doing one-way deals.

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    Default Do you have access to international brokers?

    One of the realities of the car rental business is that one can often obtain better rates from international brokers than from local USA companies. I would suggest getting a hold of Andrew Vincent's "Drive USA" book for more information. A link to our review of what we consider to be the finest book on roadtripping in the United States is available at

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