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    Sudeep Bose Guest

    Default Memorable spots to visit while driving from Boston to NYC


    My wife and I are going to be driving from Boston to New York City from ~Dec 23/24 to Dec 31 or so. We would like to solicit your advice on memorable routes, scenic drives and particular destinations of interest along this route.


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    imported_Angus Bangus Guest


    I lived on Long Island for 20 years and I've done the trip to Boston at least a dozen times. The best advice is to avoid being on I-95 as much as possible. I-95 through MA and CT is subject to heavy traffic, and I am a big fan of the following route:

    I-90 West out of Boston until it splits into I-84.

    I-84 West to Hartford and merge onto I-91 South.

    I-91 South to the Merritt Parkway (near the town of Meriden)

    When you cross the Connecticut-New York border, the Merritt Pkwy's name changes to the Hutchinson Pkwy.

    Take 'the Hutch' to 95, and follow signs to NYC. You're going to cross the Triboro Bridge into Manhattan.


    As far as things to see along the way, it really depends on how often you go to NYC. If you don't see NYC alot, my advice is to get there and soak as much of you can in as possible. My favorite 'in-between' destinations are really more for spring and summer activities, but on a clear winter day, particularly after a nice snowfall, the Merritt Pkwy can be very pretty.

    Have fun and safe driving.


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    Sudeep Bose Guest

    Default BOS-DC Trip advice


    Thanks for your advice. I do appreciate it. We actually live in Florida and are planning to either fly into Boston, drive from Boston to NYC and fly back from NYC, or do the entire round-trip from Fl-BOS-NYC-FL by car....not sur eabout the weather conditions etc. But did a similar trip 2 Christmas' ago from FL-DC and LOVED we want to do the next leg up in New England. Any additional advice and info on places to see would be much appreciated. We would also appreciate info on web-sites etc where we can get more info.

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