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    Default computers in rv

    Sure want to take my computer with me in my rv as I travel. It isn't a laptop. It is an IMAC. Can I do it?

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    Default I-Macs were really not envisioned to be mobile computers


    I know that some folks have been successful using MACs in RVs but there are some problems -- First the interfaces for the connections between the IMAC and network device (e.g.: cellular phone) are often not compatible. I am not sure of any cellular devices that are plug and play for Macs.

    There is a great deal of vibration and dust in a normal RV -- one can protect laptops but protecting a I-MAC and keeping it cool enough might be difficult.

    But I will look around at the current specs. I do know that a recent dashboarder who did a great deal of study -- dumped her I-MAC after about a week on the road in favor of a PC Because she couldn't get the connection bugs solved.

    Sorry for the unwelcome news.


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