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    Default Vancouver - Phoenix roadtrip

    Hi all!
    I am planning a roadtrip from Vancouver (BC) to Phoenix (AZ) (this winter) with most of the ride along the west coast (highway 101). Is 3 weeks enough to do that and come back? Any good advice about what to see and where to stay? Is the temperature good enough to camp? (in southern Oregon and California, ehehe I am from Quebec, it is pretty cold here)
    Thanks a lot!

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    imported_Angus Bangus Guest


    How much time is 'enough time' as you say?

    You can do the trip you're talking about in five or six day round trip. In three weeks you will be able to see alot, but obviously not as much as you'd see with six weeks- or six months.

    Weather permitting, check out Mount Rainier and Crater Lake National Parks, in Washington and Oregon respectively. Same goes for the Mount Shasta area of northern California. If the weather is dry, all of these places are potentially accessible.

    Also, don't forget that Highways 101 and 1 eventually split after you pass Arcata. From that point, Highway 1 will be your coastal access route. It is especially enjoyable between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

    Good luck and safe driving!


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