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    Default Washington State to New Jersey

    Hi all,
    Am planning to drive WA to NJ either mid/late December to early Jan. My main objective is not sightseeing, rather bailing out of WA unemployment back to friends and family in NJ. Although it would be cool to see some of the country I'm driving across!

    During a better time of year I would definitely take the Northern route, but Dec./Jan. weather makes me leery. Any suggestions for a best weather - but not too far out of the way route?


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    kristy Guest


    i just did washington to Ny at the end of October. the worst spots for snow are snoqualamie pass, 4th of july pass,parts of pennsylvania. last year when i went through south dakota there was a storm in norht dakota, this year when i went through north dakota there was a bad storm in south dakota. it varies when and where the storms will hit. they plow the highways pretty quickly these days. if you drive during daylight hours you should be fine and able to do lots of hours per day. just check the weather reports to determine between I-94 through north dakota or I-90 through south dakota (it splits in butte i think or billings can never remember those B cities)anyway enjoy it is a great drive

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