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Thread: Fla to D.C.

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    s. ostrich Guest

    Default Tampa to D.C.

    I'm driving from Tampa area to D.C. area - plan to take the coastal route - looks to be the fastest. Don't have alot of time to stray from the freeway, but would love suggestions of things to see.

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    Sudeep Bose Guest

    Default Tampa to DC


    My wife and I did this route Christmas 2000. We did not want to stay on the highway and miss the local flair, so we zoomed across Fl and took I-95 up to Savanah and stayed there our first night. From there on, we stuck to the rural country side route (US 1 I think). We went up trought Georgia, S. Carolina, etc. Saw the lighthouses etc of Virginia.. IT WAS GREAT ! Though we did not plan ahead...we would just wake up and check-out of the hotel and drive and stay in whatever town we landed up in, we had a GREAT time. SPONTANIETY is key.

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