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    jay Guest

    Default NJ to LA

    first real road trip

    leaving dirty jerz with my girl and moving to the sunny beaches of cali on the 22nd of november...thinking about taking I-80 out to chicago then head south to avoid colorado (heard there could be trouble with driving,weather, etc)through st louis..oklahoma city..santa fe..and somewhere in arizona before entering cali.

    is this a decent way to drive??i wanna see some sites along the way ...grand canyon etc

    trying to do it within five days

    thnaks in advance

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    Default El Nino Year

    There will be scattered sun days this year on the west coast with the developing El Nino weather patterns so although the song describes sunny southern california beaches -- you will find some clouds too.

    As far as routing goes -- be sure and read the posting entitled "Fastest route Vegas to NY" in this section for on-going discussion about whether I-70 thru the Colorado Rockies is the fastest way thru this area of the country.

    If you take the southern routes, (I-10, I-20 and/or I-40) you will see some amazing country -- you will also likely hit winter conditions. Just have to decide which versions of western scenery you are looking for while driving in winter conditions. The only way to postitively avoid snow/sleet is to hug the gulf coast -- but that will take you considerably longer than five days.

    But as a Jerseyite -- you should have no worry about a little snow and sleet.


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