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    My friends and i are planning our roadtrip for either next summer or the one after. This site has already helped us heaps but i want to know if i need to convert my New Zealand drivers licence to an international drivers licence? I was thinking about doing it anyway because we are planning to drive in europe and the uk as well. But do i have to change my licence? What kind of laws are there? We will be driving for about 3 or 4 months while we are in America and i have had my full licence here in New Zealand for about 2 or 3 years.


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    Most USA rental companies will accept a valid driver's license issued from any national government -- but it is generally smart to invest the $$ for an International Driver's Permit, so that you you have extra "proof" should it become necessary in any of the places you will be driving.

    It is not necessary to get a USA driver's license while you are traveling here. In fact, there is no such thing as a national driver's license in America. Each of the 50 states issue their own driving licenses -- but again, your New Zealand license should work fine.

    Welcome to roadtrippin' here in America. One of the things I would suggest purchasing would be Andrew Vincent's book about driving in the USA. For more information check out


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    Thank you.

    Any tips for driving on the wrong (sorry other!) side of the road?

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    At least in my experience, driving on the wrong side of the road is not hard to become accustomed to. The harder part is to remember which way to look for oncoming traffic before entering an intersection. I had to really concentrate to remember from which direction you Kiwi's were coming. As far as the license, Mark is correct. There is no need for an International Driver's License in this country and you would need to show your NZ license even if you had the other if you are stopped. I hope you have a great a time visiting the USA as I had visitng NZ.

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