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    Default Datastorm or Gosat user's feedback?

    Does anyone have these mobile satellite internet dish/services on their motorhome or other mobile vehicle that can comment on ease of use, reliability and customer support issues? This is cutting edge technology and I am trying to get feedback to see if it is "soup" yet or not ready for consumer use for a few more years... no salesmen please...

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    Default It works, but there is always tinker room

    If you haven't read it yet, I would suggest you check out our mini-review of the Fixed Mobile systems -- it is all one technology but it goes by a variety of brand names -- DataStorm, DirecWay, Ground Control, GoSat etc.

    I have tested some of the devices -- a complete review is pending, but yes it works. In general once you click on the satellite icon on the desktop, the targeting software fires up and web access happens within about 10 minutes. The vehicle has to be stationary or it will shut down and there are some remaining glitches that happen.

    I monitor a private on-line chat room that is used by the current crop of beta-version users -- I get a birds-eye view of what works and what still drives the designers batty -- ON the basis of that and my own experience, for most of us, it works at consistently sufficient basis to shout "Eureka" every time it hooks up.

    If you got the $$ it is well worth the occasional burps! An inside intel -- Customer Support at Ground Control is reputed to be one of the best in the business. I personally know the owner and can vouch for their attention to detail! As far as the "no salesperson comment" -- this is a moderated forum and so it is unlikely that such a posting would appear here -- for very long...


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