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    Default getting close to trip time...

    hey folks, I'm taking a road trip from HSV, AL to the Seattle area starting this coming weekend. I've got my route all planned out until I hit Cheyenne. Now here's my dilemma....

    A: Do I stay on I-25 up to I-90 and Billings then go west to Seattle

    B: Do I take I-80 west to Ogden, then take I-84 to I-82 to Seattle

    C: Do the above but continue on I-84 along the Columbia river to Portland, then north?

    Any suggestions would be great in helping me plan this out. I'm not sure as of yet what the weather will be like, but for any of you who have traveled these paths at this time of the year before or have any insight as to what to see along either path, i'd be much obliged. Oh, btw....on the Montana path, I would probably detour and head up to GNP for a day or two. Thanx for any help.


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    Default Bitteroots always Great


    All of the routes offer good choices this time of year. But as for me, I would certainly opt for I-90 over the Bitteroots and the side-trip to GNP. Couer d'ALene in October is awesome and the drive over the Cascades will be fun too.

    At Casper, it you have the time -- consider a detour on US-20 and go to Cody and Yellowstone before heading north again. There is a brand new exhibit wing (Draper?) at the Natural History Musueum in Cody that is said to be one of the finest in the world.

    Great time to be on the road!


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