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    Family of 5 (three sons, age 12,14,16)Leaving from Chicago area to Dallas, Saturday before Thanksgiving. Looking for a scenic experience, maybe even off the highway. Some cool nature would be nice. Anyone have any ideas?? Also, where do we call the half way point? We are planning on taking two days, so need a hotel destination in the middle. Thank you for any suggestions!

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    The area of the country you are driving through is not really known for it's scenery. You will be traveling mostly through rolling prairies and flat farmland. Also, your trip is just short of 1000 miles. It might be difficult to find time to do much more than drive.

    Your best bet for some close off-highway destinations is in Missouri. There are some National Forests near I-55, south of St. Louis. I've found that where there are National Forests, there are generally some nice state parks as well. Check out for some ideas.

    As far as a halfway point goes, consider the northern outskirts of Memphis, TN a pretty good place to stop. You're bound to find alot of motel signs on the Interstate.

    I hope that I was helpful to you.


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