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    Chris Tapp Guest

    Default Atlanta to Yellowstone

    I'm trying to plan a road trip from Atlanta to Yellowstone. My finances are very limited and I have never made that kind of drive before. The most expensive part of the trip is going to be lodging and I'm considering sleeping in my truck on the way out and back. I have enough money to get a place when I get out there, I'm just trying limit my spending. I know that this is going to be a silly question but has anyone ever slept in their car on a trip like this? I'm not sure where I can safely park my truck at night. Also, how many days can I expect to drive each way? I'm obviously a novice. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Mhi-ke Guest

    Default Road Trip lodging.....


    As long as safety is the first thing on your mind I think you'll be ok on your road trip. I would suggest stopping and taking a nap in a well lighted service area. Or you even a public area as long as there is traffic(people/car) you should be ok. Good luck and remember, have fun, this is your own time do what ever you want...:)


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    alec Guest

    Default additional thought

    When are you planning on doing your trip? I'm making a trip basically along the same lines and therefore have been doing some research about it. It turns out that the park essentially shuts down between teh middle and the end of October. By the first week in November, the time I was going to be going thru, the park only has one road open that runs along the northern section. Also, most trail and such are closed at this time. If you go to the website for Yellowstone, they list the closing dates for the various parts of the park as well as when they will reopen in the spring. A highly necessary tool before making the trip.

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    Don Woodmancy Guest

    Default Yellowstone

    It's true that much of the park is inaccessible out-of-season but don't let that stop you. The parts that are accessable are a wonderland. I especially enjoy the park in the winter and there are a multitude of unique things to do and see whatever time of year you visit.

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    Default Miles and Days

    Hi Chris,

    From Atlanta, GA to Yellowstone National Park it is 1925 miles one way. It will take you at least 3 or 4 days of driving between 500 and 650 miles per day just to get there.

    You didn't mention what time of the year you were thinking of going. It it's not during the winter have you considered buy a cheap tent and camping on the way there and back? Cook your big meal during the middle of the day at picnic areas at their BBQ pits. Take a cooler to keep food for breakfast and a light snack dinner. To save money when you get to Yellowstone camp there too.


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