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    Default Give me advise for best places to go and how to stay alive (hehe

    I'm driving from Alaska to the states looking for adventure and fun. I will be driving in my car with my dog as company. Where do I go that has the friendly people the best partys and best camping and hikeing? I plan to work odd jobs to get me where I want to go. My dream is to hit all 48 states in time. Any advise??????????

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    first stop, seattle. i don't know about parying but i know about dogs in washington state. over on the east side of lake washington (in redmond area) there is a place called marymoore park. it has a huge off-leash dog park (40 acres) huge fields and paths where they can run free with tons of other dogs. there is a small calm river along the path and places where the dogs can swim. if you like to chat with other dog owners, its a great place to hook up. heres a link that has driving directions.
    there is tons of good camping in washington but if you take your dog, you need to stay out of the national parks (the national forests are ok but not the national parks) maps will show you the boundaries. dogs are not allowed on trails in the parks. i hate that rule but oh well.
    if you want to check out a cool thing to do with your dog, check out ewe-topia herd dog training school. (yes you can go for just one time and the breed of your dog doesn't matter at all. or you can just watch) it is in roy washington (sort of by tacoma). best day to go is sunday. here's the link. if you go, tell joe and linda (the owners) that mary and her dog bruno said hi :)
    about safety. i'm a girl and i traveled by myself and didn't have any problems. however, i would suggest not spending too many nights at rest stops. truck stops are better. and better yet are rv parks/ranches. then you can get tent spots for cheaper than hotels and you have showers etc and can sleep with your dog and have places to potty him/her. if you want any more advice, email me at i don't check this board often.

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