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    Stephanie Guest

    Default Las Vegas to Newark - as quickly as possible

    I want to drive from Las Vegas to Newark in as few days as I can. Any suggestions for what route to take and what cities to sleep in? I'd ideally only like to be on the road for 4 days. I'm not worried about sightseeing, just getting there quickly. Can I do it?

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    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Default 39 hours -- 2600 miles


    The fastest route is I-15 to I-80. If you drove it non-stop, (stopping only for fuel) you could be there there in about 39 hours. So a time of 4 days is easy to accomplish.

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    Brandy Guest

    Default This route

    You know, I was going to New Jersey from Vegas about two weeks ago (never mind that I decided in Wyoming to turn around) but this is the route I decided to take because it is so much shorter than going through Denver, and every person I know has been laughing at me for the past two weeks. They think I am crazy, and ask if I turned around because I was so lost. Im glad there is someone who can validate that there was a method to my madness.

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