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    LAL Guest

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    Plan on traveling to Yellowstone the last week of September or possibly the first week of October. I've been getting conflicting info as to whether we might have snow at that time of year. Some people tell me definitely yes and others just plain out say no. Does anyone know what the "norm" is up there? Also planning on going to Sheridan, WY - I'm hoping we will just have beautiful fall weather.

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    Richard woods Guest

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    Weather averages for September (67 high,31 night.For October( 40 h, 22 low )You can visit Yahoo weather and click on "records and averages" for just about any place.

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    i think the rule of thumb is that it is unpredictable. i was camping there in late may. sunny when i pulled in. woke up to six inches of snow. be prepared for anything and hope for the best. good luck.

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