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    Default 48 states in 3 months

    We plan to start in SF and drive all across the 48 states in about 3 months.
    Can you recommend a good route. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Best Advice: Be very aware...

    Quite an undertaking you are proposing. If you were really to go to all 48 states in three months, and you were extremely clever with the route, you would still drive at least 21,000 miles. If, on the other hand you actually wanted to drive and explore greater sections of those states, (see the national parks, the fun spots and the beaches) the same trip would easily require 35,000 miles. Such a drive would require an average of nearly 400 miles each and every day. That is a chunk of miles!

    Three months is a fabulous time for a road trip. My advice, choose a section of the country (4-6 states, tops) and really do it well. From San Francisco, I would be tempted to the eastern outback of Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming and returning via Utah and Nevada. You will be hard pressed to see only a handful of cool things in each state, but what a road trip that could be!


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    Mark has very good advice.

    My suggestion is take out a USA map and draw a stright line from San Francisco all the way due east to the Atlantic Coast. You can then choose between touring either the northern or southern halves of the country. Either one should fit comfortably into a three-month trip.

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