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    imported_christine Guest

    Default safe LA to Chicago route?

    i am driving with a trailer from LA to Chicago. Any suggestions on the safest driving route/trucking route.

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    TripTik Man Guest

    Default Take The Mother Road

    You're in luck, Christine. The safest and easiest route for your type of travel between L.A. and Chicago is along a corridor that parallels the old Route 66.

    From L.A., take I-10 east to near San Bernardino, then take I-15 north to Barstow. From there, follow I-40 east all the way to Oklahoma City, where you pick up I-44 east to St. Louis, where you switch to I-55 north for the final leg into Chicago.

    The route is fairly level, with only a few passes through the mountains (and they are easy to handle if you're pulling a trailer).

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