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Thread: AAA rocks.

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    Jonas Guest


    I'm a member of triple A. I emailed them asking for advice on discounted places to stay for my road trip. A week later a huge packet arrived, complete with guide books for every state I'd be passing through, a map of the United States, as well as a personalized road trip plan with details of segments of Interstate-80.

    I'd encourage anyone who's a member of AAA to take advantage.

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    imported_Chuck Guest

    Default how sweet is it?

    I've been thinking about joining AAA, but i don't know the details of their program too much. I know that they'll tow your car and give you a ride or whatever...but is that as far as it goes? If anyone knows a good plan to go with let me know. Thanks

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    TripTik Man Guest

    Default About AAA

    AAA (a.k.a. American Automobile Association) is a 100 year-old organization dedicated to serving the needs of the motoring public.

    AAA's emergency road service benefits include towing and basic roadside assistance such as jumping a battery, changing a flat tire, fuel delivery and locksmith service.

    One of the most important elements of AAA is that the member is covered in ANY vehicle, whether that person is driving his/her own vehicle, is a passenger in someone else's vehicle, or is traveling in a rental car. In other words, AAA covers the PERSON, not the vehicle.

    Besides road service, the other popular component to AAA is the travel benefits and services. AAA members have access to a huge inventory of road and street maps, Tour Books and Camp Books. These materials are FREE to members. AAA auto travel counselors will even assist you in planning a route or booking accomodations.

    And of course, the AAA card is invaluable for obtaining sizeable discounts at attractions and for lodging.

    I am aware that AAA has many competitors offering various benefits that are similar to AAA. They are cheap, pale subsitutes. Ask any longtime AAA member, and he or she will tell you.....if you know how to use your AAA card, you will save quite a lot of money, more than enough to recoup the cost of membership dues.

    Anyone who is serious about traveling anywhere in the United States or Canada (AAA and CAA are sister organizations) should join AAA and take advantage of their resources and expertise.

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    Jenn Guest

    Default get a job

    With a name like Trip Tik Man, he must work for AAA. I worked there for two years and learned tons about the highways and attraction in the US and Canada. Offices sometimes hire extra summer help in Auto Travel. Get paid while researching your trip and collecting maps. What a great summer job!

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    James Guest


    The big problem with AAA, is that instead of staying with their intended goal of a motor club, they have become very political. The AAA is pushing very hard to be in the forefront of a National ID Card. That is enough for me to not need their services, no matter how good they are.

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    Default Large Memberships create political strength

    I wasn't aware of the AAA's involvement in the National ID Card campaign. Personally, I probably share your misgivings about such a program. On the other hand, they do provide great services and I have been a member for a couple of decades. Actually AAA has been a political force from the very beginning -- and a good thing -- since much of the development of the national highway system and the automobile insurance industry has been created under the gentle prodding of this powerful political organization.


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    TripTik Man Guest

    Default 'Been There, Done That

    Your post brought a nice little chuckle, Jenn :-)

    I worked in AAA Auto Travel a total of 12 years, beginning in 1980. In that time I figure I created about 25,000 Trip Tiks, and perhaps more. The nickname "TripTikMan" was given to me by one of my staff members around 1983.

    Yes, and its a great summer job, too, for anyone who wants to learn about highway travel throughout the USA and Canada!

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    TripTik Man Guest

    Default The Big Picture

    I too, was not aware of AAA's support for a national ID card, a matter that I am also apprehensive about. AAA has also generally opposed the concept of toll roads, another issue that I somewhat disagree with.

    But that's okay, because Mark is absolutely right. AAA has been an important and intelligent voice for the motoring public nationwide and locally for several decades now.

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    The only problem I have had with AAA services is the hours that the offices are open. There have been several times when I've been passing through a city on a trip and I'd like to stop in to get a map or ask for a best route, but the offices are generally only open 9-5 on weekdays.

    If you plan you stops to a AAA office ahead of time, this wont be a problem.

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