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    Hey everyone

    A buddy of mine and myself are planning on driving from Atlanta to New Orleans over about a week in the middle of October. We were looking for suggestions of places to visit, sights to see, etc. etc. We'd particularly love any suggestions that might be local specialities, or things we wouldn't find in generic tour books. any help you all could give would be great.

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    TripTik Man Guest

    Default Just Get There!

    I've driven between Atlanta and New Orleans countless times - I've lived in both cities. Bottom line is that the drive is rather boring. About the only good thing is you can go one way and back a different way. The mileage difference between the two routes (one via Montgomery and Mobile, the other via Birmingham and Meridian) is negligible.

    There is so much to see and do in New Orleans, you would certainly want to maximize your time there.

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