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    Default Seattle 2 Alaska?

    Has anyone driven to Alaska from Seattle or Vancouver? This is a trip I've been thinking about for years. Any advice? Recommended timing (I'm planning for late August)? Villages to see? I've been told that you can just camp on the side of the road... is this true? What car should I take on this trip? Is it better to go Alaska to Seattle?

    Other option is to take a ferry part of the way and drive the rest. This will be a one-way trip.


  2. Default me too!

    i am also thinking about making that trip this summer although earlier, maybe july. our biggest obstacle at the moment is that we don't have a car or insurance. i am also concerned about the price of gasoline. i currently live outside of the us and on a recent return trip home, i was shocked at the price of gas! i am wondering if it is really smart to plan an over 2000 mile drive right now? the overhead for this trip is starting to sound severe. then again, i have no idea what transportation in alaska is like and i have been thinking it best to have an automobile for my visit there. so many things to consider!!!

  3. Default Road trip from Seattle to Vancouver

    Hey All,

    Me and my friends are planning on a road trip from Seattle to Vancouver in the last week of March. If anyone has driven before, could you let us know about the weather conditions. I heard that becoz of the rains, there are a lot of mud slides which makes the roads closed. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


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    Default I-5 should be fine

    Seattle to Vancouver BC (or to Vancouver, WA, if that is the Vancouver you mean) are both entirely on I-5. I-5 has not had any road closures or any other problems due to slides. All the slides have either been on I-90 going over Snoqualmie Pass or on small country roads.

    Your route is clear and you will be fine.

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    Default seattle to alaska

    I have lived and worked mostly in Oregon and Alaska, if you count one way as one trip, I've made the journey by car, 25 times, (though the last time was 4-5 years ago, but probably again this, or next, summer.) Anything I can answer or help with, please ask.

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    Default If you go this summer...

    Quote Originally Posted by butch
    I have lived and worked mostly in Oregon and Alaska, if you count one way as one trip, I've made the journey by car, 25 times,
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum. If you go this summer, we sure would welcome some current intel on the road conditions and stop-overs that you recommend!


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