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    imported_tim Guest

    Default sd to chicago

    I'm driving to Chicago from San Diego and have some time to kill. Where's the best place for me to pick-up Route 66 and is it worth the extra time invested. Is it difficult directionally to follow.
    Any other suggestions of routes or scenic drives?

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    Bill White Guest

    Default Route 66

    I can't help you with where to pick up 66, but I highly recommend following it, at least through New Mexico. Most of it has totally disappeared, except for some stretches going through towns alongside I-40 such as Kingman, Flagstaff, Holbrook, Gallup, Albuquerque, etc., as well as some stretches where it departs somewhat from I-40, and serving as a frontage road for some stretches. However, if you have a guide book, there are many interesting things to see along the route. I recommend going to the Route 66 Magazine web site for good info, and picking up some books about the route at any book store.

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    Don Woodmancy Guest

    Default Rt 66

    The old Rt 66 closest point to San Diego is San Bernardino (just go north on I-15) however, going east (actually northeast at that point) I think the closest point where any of the old route still exists is just east of Barstow. If you have time and can stand the calories and cholesteral, make a stop at Peggy's 50's Diner just outside Barstow. Even if you don't eat, it's a fun place to spend a few minutes browsing. The old Rt 66 road still exists for a few miles in that area and then picks up again for about 40 miles between Needles, CA and Kingman, AZ. I echo the previous comments about browsing a good bookstore for Rt 66 travel books. You can also go to and enter "Route 66" or "Highway 66" and you'll find more information than you could absorb in several life-times. Have a great trip.

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