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    Mia Bjorkroos Guest

    Default Swedish girls on the road from NYC to LA needs advice!

    Hey you all who seems to know alot about US and the way throught the county!
    We are two girls who'll make a trip from New York in the end of july, to Los Angeles were we have to be 2-3 weeks later. We want to go through the south part of the couty, haven't really decided any destinations yet,but we're open for everything. well, here are some questions we hope someone will be able to help us with:
    Will 2000-3000 USD be enought (I already have a car waiting for us in NYC) for both of us?
    How much time will we have exept for the time on the road?
    What places can't we miss?
    If our car can't take the hole trip, is it better to rent or buy a new one in the middle of the country?
    Last question is about insurance. I have a NY State driverslicens, I bought my car from a frind, but I still need to regester it on me and get an insurance in NYC. I'm moveing to LA to study, so what is the best way how to solve the insurance part, and how much can it cost (I'm 21, the car is a Mitshubitshi(or how it's spelled) -90)?
    Thanks Mia & Malin

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    imported_Andy Guest

    Default roadtrip

    I was researching my own trip when I saw your message. I'm also moving to LA from NY (Philadeplhia actually) to work at UCLA, and am driving with a friend across the country at the end of August. He has never been West of the Hudson river, so I want to show him everything I can. We will probably take HW 50, which is an old two lane highway that cuts through the center of the country through lots of small towns. It will be too hot for a southern route, like 66. I've crossed the country a few times and recommend you check out northern New Mexico, especially Taos. Going through northern NM and Arizona will give you a great taste of the Southwest, and you can see the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, and Zion, as well as passing through Las Vegas which is a natural wonder in and of itself. In my opinion, everything before the Rockies is boring when it comes to scenary, but you do get a good taste of real American culture, which is hard to find in NYC and LA.

    Good luck, feel free to contact me if you have questions.

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    Traveldog Guest

    Default NY to LA

    You should make sure to go south to beautiful New Mexico. Taos is a fabulous artist colony, Santa Fe has tons of great eats, shops, museums & hiking. And make sure you visit a pueblo--there's a big one in Santa Fe. This is some of the most beautiful country in the USA.

    You should also see the Rocky Mountains. Maybe drive west into the Denver area, explore the mountain areas, then drive south to New Mexico, then west thru the Grand Canyon and into Las Vegas. Definately plan on Las Vegas!

    You should have a wonderful trip. The country is so diverse--each region is different. Make sure to look for local celebrations--state & county fairs, local holidays & events. And find out what the regional food specialties are and try them! Kansas City BBQ, Southwestern tacos, etc. etc.

    Regarding timeline, you can drive straight thru in 4 days, so 2-3 weeks will be luxurious.

    Have fun and good luck!

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