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    Default South FL to LA on Route 66 (One Way)

    Is this a bad idea as it will take me somewhat out of the way? I really would love to take it instead of the 10 and am planning on hitting Vegas anyway...any suggestions on how to get to 66 from south FL? Thanks...Kimberly

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    Default How much detour do you want?

    I-10 never actually crosses Rte. 66 anyplace. It is always to the south. The only place where I-10 is close is right at the end where "The Mother Road" reaches the Pacific in Santa Monica. 1-10 hits the Pacific Ocean a couple of miles to the south also in Santa Monica.

    Rte. 66 does roughly follow sections of I-40 in Arizona and since you are headed to Las Vegas you could veer north on I-35 at San Antonio and join Rte 66 at Oklahoma City. But probably the best shot would be to head NW on I-75 to Atlanta and then I-24 to St. Louis.

    Jaimie Jensen's book "Road Trip USA" can help you stay on the right road, (

    Following Rte 66 will easily add 1-2 extra days to your drive. But it will be fun!


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    Default St. Louis is out of your way . . .

    Your best route is I-75 to Atlanta, then I-20 West to Birmingham, then U.S. 78 to Memphis, where you hook up to I-40 and head west. U.S. 78 is 4-lane most of the way, particularly good in Mississippi. You pass through Tupelo, if you're interested in Elvis. You connect with old 66 at Oklahoma City. Most of your travel would be on I-40, but you can find stretches of the old road along the way. I highly recommend it. Check some web sites of states such as N.M. & Arizona, as well as the Route 66 Magazine website.

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