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    Default do we have enough time??

    Friends and I are driving from Minnesota through SD-WY-UT-Vegas-AZ-CO-NB-IA and back to minnesota in 8 days......we are hauling butt to southwest wyoming the first day, and the last day heading back from Denver I guess the question is, is 6 days enough time to enjoy Utah, Vegas(under 21), Arizona, Colorado? Thanks in advance

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    Well where in Minnesota are you?

    I'm in the Minneapolis area and have done this run (well actually san diego /la with stops in between)

    Anyways You can truck to vegas in a day if you have more than one driver.

    I would shoot down 35 w cutting over through nebraska jumping to the I70 through colorado cutting into utah and down to vegas.

    I have successfully done los angeles to minneapolis this way in 25 hours non stop.

    I have done san diego to minneapolis non stop (driving a little slower) in 35 hours going through utah up through wyoming nebraska iowa mn. Not only did it take longer but the views were nothing compared to that through the rockines.

    From denver to minneapolis you can do that in under 12 hours.

    Have a wonder tRip

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