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    Default Need help with how much distance is too much......

    Hello everyone, this is for the experienced distance roadtrippers. My friends and I are heading out west, and we are covering approximately 3700 miles road trip in 8 days....does that offer us enough time for parks and other stuff? or are we biting off more than we can chew? We are driving a lot the first and last day....

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    Default 2 hour shifts


    3700 miles? Let me quess -- you are leaving from somewhere in the Ohio valley and headed to Arizona, Colorado and California? That is a passel of miles you will be covering. If you have sufficient drivers to travel 15-18 hours that first/last day you should be able to get far enough west to slow down and look around some. However, in the interests of safety -- try and change drivers every two hours on the longer stretches.

    When traveling through national parks you should figure no average speed greater than 20 mph -- the speed limit is often higher, but you will be slowing to look at the views and dealing with traffic. How many parks are you attempting to see in the 8 days?

    Should be quite an adventure!


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