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    Akhil Jain Guest

    Default anything to see on the way from San Jose to Las Vegas

    I will be driving from San Jose to las Vegas. Is there anywhere I should stop by and see. I have already seen Los Angeles and I do not want to go too far away from the path. Please let me know. Thanks.

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    Default Hundreds, maybe thousands

    What is your route?

    The coast is pretty special, Yosemite could certainly be on that path or Joshua Tree National Park or Mojave National Preserve or?????

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    Akhil Jain Guest

    Default Thanks..

    My Route is very simple Mark,
    101S - 152E - 5S - 46 - 99S - 15N

    Mojave also came to my mind. What else?? I just want it to be a day trip for maybe 3-4 hours while on the way back from Vegas to San Jose.

    Thanks again in advance for help.

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