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    Jason Powers Guest

    Default Youth Group takes a road trip.. HELP!

    Hello fellow road-trippers,

    Last weekend a fellow youth group chapter from Roanoke, Virginia (western border with West Virginia) visited us in Cleveland, Ohio. We had so much fun and decided we wanted to do a joint trip, Cleveland, and Roanoke.. SO here's the plan I came up with... If anyone has any ideas on how the alter this plan to be more effiient, or fun, or just any tips let me know. ALSO note: we want to avoid the Pittsburgh, Buffulo, Toronto Area (new york, pennsylvania, Canada,) becuase thats where they went this year.. SO heres the current plan.

    Cleveland by itself.
    Cleveland goes to Roanoke.
    Roanoke to Cincinnati
    Cincinnati to Indianapolis
    Indianapolis to St Louis
    St. Louis to Chicago
    Chicago to Sandusky (Cedar Point amusement park)
    Sandusky to Cleveland

    Roanoke by themselves
    Travel home to Roanoke..


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    Molly Guest

    Default cheap/good eats in Chicago

    Stop by Ann Sather's (there are several - my favorite is on Belmont) for an excellent breakfast. Make sure to get their cinnamon buns!! The best hot dogs are at Fluky's, Wolfy's or Super Dawg (Super Dawg is also a great photo-op, with two giant hotdogs - Tarzan & girlfriend - on the roof). For a fun (and free) afternoon, wander through Lincoln Park, and go to the zoo.

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