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    Melly Guest

    Default Looking for Roadside Attractions

    that big ball of twine, vortex (one is in S. Oregon), crop circles, giant plastic cow perched on a hill (N. Dakota) ...whatever. experienced traveler taking trip across US (OR to NY & back) south one way, north the other looking to see some of the more random tourist attractions. Suggestions appreciated!

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    Don Woodmancy Guest

    Default Roadside Attractions

    A lot of the types of attractions you refer to are impermanent and it's been a few years since I've spent a lot of time on the road. Some that I've enjoyed that should still be there in no particular order are:
    1. Buffalo Bill's grave and museum, 2-3 miles off I-70 at the Lookout Mountain exit about 30 miles west of Denver. If you travel west from Denver, also enjoy the sweeping view of the continental divide through a very long sweeping curve at the Chief Hosa exit, a mile or two west of the Lookout Mountain exit.
    2. The touristy old-west ambiance of Tombstone, AZ.(see Magen's writeup of Tombstone under the what's new menu on this site's home page).
    3. The old-west sections of both Dodge City and Abilene Kansas.
    4. Temple Square in Salt Lake City. It's especially impressive through the Christmas season after dark.
    5. The rocky coast and brooding red wood forests along Calif Hwy 1 in the area of Big Sur, south of San Francisco.
    6. Valley of Fire State Park, north of Las Vegas, NV.
    Have a wonderful trip.

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    imported_barry Guest

    Default attractions alond I-40 ??

    The family is heading out of OKC to go to Boone, NC at the end of the month. Most of our travel will be on I-40. We have the grandchildred with us and like to know what there is on the way to see. Where's that giant ball of string?



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    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Default New Mexico Vortex

    Another location that has been suggested as being a vortex is near Angel Fire, New Mexico. I don't know about the vortex qualities, but it has been a place of "good feelings" for hundreds of years. There is also a remarkable memorial there -- dedicated to healing for veterans of all wars. One of our must-stop places whenever we are in the region.

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    Default Steve's Collections

    One of the best sites for finding the oddball stuff like the ball of twine can be found on Steve's site:


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    imported_Pam Guest


    Try - they have a lot of the places you're interested in - with people sharing their sightings, too.

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    Aitken Guest

    Default Tennessee

    If you are looking for a great place to take the kids - try Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. Pigeon Forge also offers lots of evening shows (musicals and comedy and ones also designed to appeal to kids). Examples, Black Bear Jamboree, Louise Mandrel Show, Country Tonight and many more. Of course there's also Dollywood, Dolly Parton's entertainment park which is lots of fun plus she has another park next door which is a water park (closed in winter of course). The Xmas shop in Pigeon Forge has to be one of the best and largest I've visited (including the one at North Pole, Alaska and ones in big cities like Los Angeles that I've visited). Gatlinburg is probably more appealing to kids whereas Pigeon Forge appeals to all ages and right out of the main street of Gatlinburg you have the wonderful Great Smoky Mountain national park which is beautiful. Don't miss Cades Cove or some of the wonderful hiking trails including the famous Appalchian Trail which you can enter from a number of places in the area. There's dozens of hotels, motels and campgrounds to choose from and remember, just near Gatlinburg is Cosby and Newport, little towns made famous during the days of prohibition when bootlegging was the only way to make a living (and you can still purchase moonshine). There's lots to do in this area - stuff for the kids and adults. I've been working at a Campground called Crazy Horse which is located about 12 miles east of Gatlinburg and has a large pool, a wonderful waterslide, a trout pond, a kids theatre and about 35 acres of trees so the camping is shady. Just one of the many campgrounds in the area.

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    transplanted Guest

    Default new mexico sight

    this summer i drove from LA to Boston and of the many bizarre and fantastic things i saw, one of my favorites was the Tinkertown Museum in Sandia Park, NM, just out of Albuquerque. this place really left an impression on me. it's a big collection of carvings and creations. rather than being a pile of junky stuff though it is really fabulous and quite inspirational. i highly recommend it.

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    preacher Guest

    Default car on billboard

    I was traveling to NC a couple of yrs. ago
    I saw what looked like an car on a billboard. it was an orange camaro. the billboard was advertising south of the border and is located off I-95 in SC. DID anyone else see that? it is important if you did please answer back.
    thank you,
    this was a real car sitting on that billboard.

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    Default Not all that unusual

    I don't recall the one you saw, but over the years, we have seen cars, trucks, rail cars and even mobile homes mounted way off the ground on billboard or similar monuments. For example look at the following page:


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