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    My husband and I are driving just over 1600 miles in just under 3 days.... and then rest for 3 days and back the 1600 miles in another 3 days... How long do you all advise we drive each day?? and do you maybe advise 4 hours shifts, or do you think it is best to drive until tired then switch? The longest trip we have done before now was a 7 hour trip in one shot... Thanks all!!!! :)

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    Default 10 Hours or so

    It depends entirely on the nature of the terrain, weather and road conditions thru which you will be driving (over the course of the 1600 miles). However, for most pleasant driving conditions -- 1600 miles is very doable in three days.

    With fuel stops (for both vehicle and human) you can expect to drive around 10 hrs per day for a fairly reasonable rate to cover the distance. Changing drivers every four hours is a good way to do it. But neither of you will probably get that tired since the distance covered per day isn't that large.

    Have fun, slow down and enjoy the journey!


  3. Default 1600 miles in 3 days

    I'd suggest trading drivers every 2 hours, even tho you won't feel tired. Assuming you both like to drive, neither will get tired/stressed and both can enjoy the trip. You didn't say where you are traveling, so my next advice is just a guess. My wife and I often drive furthest the first day. We usually have seen the close up stuff often, so we try to get out a ways into new territory the first day. Then we can slow down and explore the newer stuff the rest of the time. Have a great time!

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    I am a marathon drive I guess, although I couldnt cut it as a truck driver. I like to drive at night when there is less traffic and I keep company by talking to truckers on my CB radio. A CB is better than a radar detector. The truckers going the opposite direction will tell you the mile markers of the last cops they have seen. I only have a CB in my Jeep, but I make at lest one 2000-mile round-trip each year from Boston to southwestern North Carolina.

    This past memorial day weekend, my girlfriend and I drove out to Indianapolis. I drove the entire way out, 975 miles, in 14 hours including stops. 1600 miles should be no sweat at all for you guys. :)


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    Default 1600 miles in 3 days

    A lot depends on your physical condition and the kind of car you will be driving. Anyone in good shape can drive a comfortable car at least 600-800 miles a day even without a second driver. If your car is comfortable and trustworthy then half the battle is won. Cars with vibrations or problems cause worn nerves on long trips. Stop when you feel tired no matter how long you have been behind the wheel. Deep breathing can keep you alert and refreshed. Never push yourself.

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    Default Renting a car

    We are actually renting a car for the trip... Did not trust our car, nor did we want to put all those miles on it. So the car should be reasonably new... Also, We are driving from western new york state to colorado just past denver. I understand that the i-80 is a little dull and flat, but I don't think it will be a rough ride. We are not in a real hurry either.... Rand-McNally says it is a 25 hour drive before stops... so the three days seems like a leisurly pace

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    Default I-80 (again)

    You don't have to take this advise if you don't feel like it, but it can definitely help you save time. If you're driving I-80 you wont find much trouble from the highway patrol (except in Ohio, they have a cop sitting in the median at every couple miles I swear!) but other then Ohio, don't be afraid to go a little (or mabye a lot) over the speed limit, I drove for 3 days and most if not all the time I was driving 15-20 mph over the speed limit, never had a problem. Yes, I-80 is very dull so bring something to entertain yourself. I think the best idea is to get books on tape, they help to keep your mind off of your constant, repetitive, and sometimes tiring driving, keep you awake, and who knows... You may actually enjoy the story too. May I suggest James Patterson's "When the Wind Blows" That's what I listened to and it was awesome!

    have fun


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    Default Hey, me again

    I just realized you said you weren't in a hurry.

    But trust me, I-80 is boring enough that I don't think you'll want to take your time...

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    Default There are no boring places

    I have driven thousands of miles on road trips in North America. I can't even remember one section of any highway that was boring. I-80 is a great way to spin the miles away.

    Our Ten rules to avoid "boredom" are at

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