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    Chloe Guest

    Default I NEED A RIDE!!! PLEASE!!!!

    I am a 19 female from england and am looking to travel from the west coast through arizona and new mexico to see the native american people, their reservations and to explore new places which are not big tourist places. I cant hire a car and i wont see it all properly by bus. I really would love to make the most of my trip by exploring as much as i can.
    If you are interested please let me know. I am happy to share costs for gas, food and lodging etc.
    Am looking to head off as soon as possible.
    Please, it really will be an amazing trip.

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    Barry Thomason Guest

    Default Doing a trip on my own


    On September the 2nd im off to the states to do a trip all the way around. Have got a car sorted and am starting in Miami. I was let down by my mates so am also going alone.
    Your welcome to join me all the way or part of the way.

    If not hope u find some1 and have a great trip!!


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