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Thread: Buy or Hire?

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    imported_Sam Guest

    Default To buy or to hire?

    A friend and I are planning to take a road trip across America, probably lasting a couple of months,(i'm not quite sure of the route yet) starting sometimes in either late 2003 early 2004, but my main problem is that we'll both be 19 and most of the hire companies add surcharges if you're under 21, so we were thinking of buying a car but the problem is that we're from England, so don't have an American address for insurance etc.
    Basically, which do people think would be best for two 19 year old brits, buying a car (and if we did that how would we sort out insurance etc) or hiring a car (and if we did this where would be best considering we're under 21)? so yeah, i'd appreciate any help at all, esp any useful companies or web sites, thanks Sam

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    imported_Steve Guest


    Travelling in the U.S. is not easy as you have already found out. I think all of the major rental car companies charge extra fees for renting cars up to 25 years of age. It can get quite expensive, fast! The other thing you have to be aware is that some car rental companies will charge extra for dropping off the car in a different city than the one you pick it up in. Additionally, some rental companies limit the number of miles you can drive (although many do not).

    Depending on the amount of time you rent the car (2+ months), I would consider buying a car. Probably the best thing to do is find an adress of a friend or relative in the U.S. that you can use.

    Any other suggestions?

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    glen Guest


    im a 19 yr old brit too doing the same kinda thing this summer as a round trip from la to denver and back. from all the websites ive seen buying a car isnt an option cos i doubt you will get insured. i found a place in la that will hire you a car for pretty good prices. hope it helps :)

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    imported_Jenny Guest


    I know that for Enterprise rent-a-car you only have to be 18, though I don't know the feasibility of renting for such a long period. Their website is

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